Monday, 15 September 2008

Oh, you poor lambs!

Go here, and just try to feel sympathetic.

Some choice morsels:
"It is terrible. Death. It's like a massive earthquake," she said.

"I feel sorry for the managing directors - they were paid about 50% of their bonus in stock, that's been written off."

As some stood around contemplating their fate, huddled in circles or with their mobile phone or BlackBerry glued to their ear, most remained tight-lipped and made a quick exit.

Now, when we can no longer afford to buy any food, and when we can't leave the house because of fascist gangs roaming the streets etc etc, we'll remember to feel sorry for the well meaning people who got us into this mess. It was an accident!

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Oren said...

I'm not sure it's going to come to fascist gangs and no food. But you're right to point out whose fault it is: Wall Street and the rest of the money managers who were too greedy to stop and think about possible reprecussions.