Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Yet More Self Promotion

I have a couple more things in this month's Icon, one of which is a quick article on a little silver box in Denmark by Dorte Mandrup architects, and another which is a slightly longer article about a big school in Zurich by Christian Kerez (who on the phone sounds almost exactly like Werner Herzog). As it's Icon it's print only, but if you like it when I write about things that I don't necessarily despise, but can't bring yourself to actually pick up a magazine, then by all means go to the Icon website where you can find some little articles by me that hopefully exceed your expectations of a typical web-story by having a light dusting of criticism attached. Find me pointing out that some of the SCI-Arc people are making retro-googie, or 'bigging up' the Catalan modernism of the post-Miralles lot, all in 200 or so words.

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