Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Meet the worthless grasping bastards...

The following is BS from the Arthaus brochure:

A development philosophy

Union is an alliance of six of london’s foremost property developers with unrivalled experience and expertise in delivering outstanding residential developments. We believe in delivering more than expected, specialising in distinctive apartments in urban london locations that offer added value with unique features and services to enrich quality of life and enhance an urban lifestyle.

We work with the most progressive architects and designers in the industry; creative people who understand how to add value, delivering beautiful spaces using the highest quality materials, allied with clever functionality.

Our projects are carefully chosen in emerging and convenient locations where the london lifestyle can be enjoyed fully. We appreciate that our buyers are looking for a stylish home in a location that makes the most of their lifestyle. they also need to know that they are making a wise investment. It is important to us that the people who live in our apartments enjoy their home and feel a sense of pleasure and pride when they walk through the door. From this we have created our own unique philosophy. the ‘expect more’ philosophy is all encompassing. Every development is designed with this ethos in mind and always offers something more that will add to the pleasure of living there.

We think of ourselves as ‘minds’ and the apartments as ‘matter’ and use the phrase ‘mind + matter’ to signal our company values and intentions. We draw a sharp distinction between ‘life’ and ‘living’ – between simple existence and the celebration of a lifestyle.

If we do not deliver beyond expectation, beyond comparison, we will not be true to our ambitions nor to your aspirations.

They deserve credit I suppose, for managing to condense so much of what is shit about life into one short blast of villainy.


Lang Rabbie said...

Good grief! [Having got past the broken link from your blog] There are some bits of that "promotional" video on the Arthaus site that are almost so bad they're good.

I particularly liked the double height bookcase/display units in the living areas. In their utter uselesness, and lack of scale they were pleasingly reminiscent of the worst (supposedly 4-star) "design" hotels I have had the misfortune to stay in.

At least when Flowers East flogged off their former gallery in a warehouse the other side of London Fields for redevelopment, they had the discretion to make sure that the developer didn't milk the connection - as they gentrified the surrounding area out of reach and destroyed the supply of affordable artists studio space.

Murphy said...

Ahem, I really hate to break this to you, but this 'Arthaus' building actually is the redevelopment of where Flowers East used to be located...

The brochure, which I highly recommend if you want to cry, mentions a load of artist's studios that were to be built in the new development. The planning application (2008/0846), which I've had a reasonably good look at, reveals that said studios are actually just B1 office space...

Link fixed.

Lang Rabbie said...

OK, twenty years of excessive consumption of red wine at private views is finally rotting my brain -and my sense of Hackney geography more than a few yards off Mare Street has always been shaky - it is north of the river after all!

So which other gallery was it that sold out on those sites on the east side of London Fields - where Richmond Road meets Martello Street - which Barratt redeveloped as East Central including the ***iconic*** Vanguard Tower.