Friday, 30 April 2010

Architecture of Failure IV

A Necessary Ruin - Trailer from Evan Mather on Vimeo.

Two days ago I finished writing the draft manuscript of The Architecture of Failure. It's all about the iron & glass architecture of the early world exhibitions, abstract-ruins, architectural melancholy and the conceptual relationship of architecture to the technologies that make it possible.

Hopefully you'll be able to read it soon(ish), on zer0 books.

Meanwhile, the above video seems interesting. Richard Buckminster Fuller pops up in the AoF manuscript as an example of politically naïve genius; but we see here that even he wasn't immune to ruination, even if high-tech architecture tends more towards disappearance rather than decay.


Roy said...

Well done Mr. Murphy! I look forward to buying my copy.

socialism and/or barbarism said...

congrats... if you need pre-readers who don't know much about the subject, hit me up.