Monday, 17 May 2010


Well, at the end of the day hauntology can be a funny old thing, more than a little open to satire. I've already noted that Enigma's 'Sadness Part I' has a video that is almost a pastiche of the Derridean imagination (scholars, dust, ruins, etc...), but then there's other ways you can play this game. At the Wire 'salon' mentioned in the previous post, Tony Herrington mentioned a video by Oneohtrix Point Never, shown below, which highlights the 'American' branch of the sensibility, hypnogogic pop, with MOR rather than municipal modernism as its material.

Fair enough, there is actually something there, but then the next video also has something there as well, the amnesiac loops, the nostalgic childhood material, the safe past reformed into something noisy and confrontational.

Quite why the Long Good Friday theme is necessary I can't quite work out, but there it is, which is no bad thing. I think it works as an interesting companion piece to the video from the previous post.

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