Saturday, 12 June 2010

Think of the Grannies!

To while away your time, I'd like to recommend a few bits of writing, mostly splenetic:

Will is absolutely spot on regarding the desperate and pathetic attempts to make excuses for BP. It's always hilarious (and depressing) to hear the most thuggish free-marketeers, when the self-regulatory mechanisms of the omnipotent market demiurge aren't going their way, make appeals to your conscience. Scumbags.
Will describes the attitude in terms of 'Minderbinder Logic', referring to the resemblance to Catch-22 of the horrid 'broken kettle' logic of those defending the indefensible. Go read it.

The Sesquipedalist has a blistering post about "Building Schools for the Future", which even at the best of times was a thoroughly horrid method of creating some of the most important spaces that we have as a culture.
It boils my blood when that fucking cretin Michael Gove, with his face like a bag of smashed crabs, accuses architects of being the waste in these projects. Gove is a despicable populist fuckwit who is going to have us all back on the dole queue again in six months, just so that he can asset strip the education system. Scumbag.

Owen has an excellent article in BD about the new East London Line extension (with its own extension here), which manages to seamlessly blend aesthetic, economic and political analyses of the project in a way that is rare. The last paragraph in particular is well worth chewing over. I think there is definitely a new analysis of the 'BIG SHED' brewing, it's just a matter of time before it gets worked out. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute at least a little to its elucidation over the next while.

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