Thursday, 24 June 2010

Up to much?

Those of you who know about this blog who haven't actually met me yet might like to know that I'll be appearing in public twice in the next two weeks.

Appearance No.1:

Alternative Open Top Bus Tours of East East London
On Sunday 27th of June, I will be playing the 'straight man', I suppose, on Laura's Hackney Bus Tour, as part of the London Festival of Architecture. Expect wild anecdotes and vicious critique in equal measure, just not so much from me...

Appearance No.2:

Program Šole teorije umetnosti
On Saturday 3rd of July, I am due to appear at an art theory school in Ljubljana, giving a paper on "Architecture, Avant-gardes and Failure." This will essentially be a talk based around the final chapter of 'the Architecture of Failure', discussing the self-anointed avant-garde of architectural production, and why what they produce is really nothing of the sort, at least; not in the way it's intended to be.

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