Friday, 10 December 2010

Alfie Meadows

Alfie Meadows, lovely Middlesex philosophy student, was seriously injured by the police at yesterday’s protest, suffering bleeding on the brain and undergoing an emergency three-hour operation. Details here and here.

There is a solidarity vigil for Alfie outside the hospital where he is recovering TODAY. Please make it if you can:

URGENT:SOLIDARITY VIGIL with Alfie Meadows at 3:30 in front of Charing X Hospital in Hammersmith & Fulham Palace Rd. Bring banners on Police Brutality. Map here.


Wojka said...

So where do I go to complain and protest against the people who were exercising their anti-authoritarian immaturity last night?? I know Alfie was NOT one of these morons but I find it frustrating that EVERYONE is jumping on the wrong bandwagon.

Murphy said...

How about switching on your telly, or picking up a newspaper? There's no shortage of puppy-eyed condemnation, you dipstick.
Now kindly go away - I won't have people scoring points here.