Friday, 12 November 2010

Coming & Going

Well! Haven't I been a busy boy...

This month you can find me in Blueprint magazine, although perhaps not for a reason you might think. In fact, if their rather spiteful article is to be believed, then apparently I'm one of the 'new establishment'. Although it shouldn't really be dignified with a response, I'll take this opportunity to suggest that I'm available for hire as one of the new establishment! I can write, when I'm not too exhausted of course, and I have a track record of being able to effectively sublimate my navel-gazing misery into pithy architectural critique. Although if anyone can find out where I've written about Zaha's Aquatics Centre, as referenced in the article, then let me know...

I will be speaking this Saturday as part of the Historical Materialism conference. My talk will be about the architectural failure of the last thirteen or so years in British Housing. I currently intend to discuss the future as well, if you can imagine that.

As usual I'm in Icon, and this month there are literally FIVE pieces by yours truly... The magazine has been redesigned (well I think - borders are the new full-bleeds!), and I really do advise you check it out. I've written about a Japanese house to die in, the Skyroom in Borough, a shelter in the Azores, a sauna in the centre of a Czech reservoir, and most importantly for me, Patrick Keiller's 'Robinson in Ruins'.

I've been very busy recently. I wish I had a better work/work/work balance, but this is how it goes, I suppose.
Until the next time, which I genuinely hope will be soon...

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